Relief, Revoked!

Today I saw a pain management doctor. He was very nice, but basically said I’m too complicated, and he doesn’t want me to have another stroke, so he wants me to see someone in another state with more experience and tools. So, until then, he wants me to try a new pain med.  

I react weirdly to most meds, but I agreed to try. He wrote a script for a week supply, and gave a coupon. The Pharmacy informed me that because I have a Federally assisted insurance, Medicare D,  I am unable to use the coupon and they won’t pay for the med., a week supply is over $200. 

I feel completely defeated, again. All I want is to not have my face feel like acid is being poured on it, remove the vice grip from my head, take the fire poker out of my ear and the ice pick out of my eye. Oh, and also I would like the pins and needles to go away from the right side of my body, but perhaps I’m asking for too much. How many more years will I search for relief. Life seems to just be a waiting game. 

By Robin

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