Hope Hindered

I first saw this neurologist 6 weeks ago. She was hopeful that she could find someone to block the nerve pain, correctly diagnose the type of stroke I had and then treat my spasticity in my arm. 

Since the pain management doctor wasn’t able to help, she won’t touch the spasticity, and will refer me to Dallas   According to my CT scans, she believes it was a brain stem stroke and not a Middle Cerebral Artery stroke.  She also said the scan picked up a portion of my chest and I may have an aortic aneurysm and I should have my pcp refer me to a cardiologist. 

So, once again, I’m left in limbo searching for someone to help my pain. A friend posted about Relief Retreats, which looks amazing, but not covered by insurance. 

They won’t cover opioids because one could become addicted, but they also won’t cover alternative or wholistic treatments. If, they did, perhaps I could actually function in the world and have a job again. They would save money, but logic doesn’t seem to be used by them. 

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